• Infanticide & Foeticide:

    • Focusing the issue
    • Setting up of Jhoolas – Uyyala Campaign
    • Awareness
    • Advocacy – IEC Materials
    • Adoption
    • Improving the Govt. Health Facilities for infants

OOYALA an Innovative approach

The word OOYALA literally means cradle. Tharuni has initiated a novel method to contain the problem of Infanticide and destitution by installing cradles in prime locations in the project area especially hospital and health settings where children are abandoned by families who desert the neonates as they are either unwanted owing to their sex, if it is a female or they are born out of unwanted pregnancies. Within a short time the initiative was successful in protecting about 5 new borns, who have been abandoned by their families owing to sex preferences and the volunteers engaged in relocating the children to other agencies that came to the rescue of the children.

Tharuni believes that all such cases if unattended can tilt the gender proportions at the district level and the fact that the female sex ratio of the proposed district (Warangal) is lowest 912 compared other districts in the state of Andhra Pradesh bear testimony to the fact that there is a strong need for sensitization of all the stake holders and increased need for awareness generation and Advocacy on all issues related to the problem.

‘Uyyala Scheme’ was initiated by DWCD to reduce the dwindling Sex Ratios in the State of Andhra Pradesh long time back. Jhoolas are supposed to be arranged at prime places where the baby can be left in the jhoola which is later given in adoption to childless couple. But such an innovative Scheme is not being implemented in the State except for few spots. Every day we see in Media many infants being thrown in the dustbins or left un attended on the streets or bus/ railway stations later been eaten by dogs & pigs. Usually girl children are being thrown as they are considered as burden to the family. This is one of the reasons for our dwindling Sex Ratios which reached below 800 per 1000 males in Five Blocks/Mandals in the State of Andhra Pradesh. Hence, there is need for taking up of initiatives which help in improving the Sex Ratios. ‘Uyyala Scheme’ can be one of them. If implemented in the areas where cases of infanticide have been reported, gives excellent results. This was proved in the State of Tamilnadu, who could utilize the ‘Uyyala Scheme’ successfully to improve the Sex Ratios in their state. Read More >>>